Coil account settings and profile

Click your profile image in the upper-right corner to access your account settings and profile.

Account settings

The sections that appear in your account settings depend on whether you have a Coil Membership account or a Coil Creator account. Creator accounts contain two sections, Monetize content and Payouts, that Membership accounts do not.


The Account section lets you change your personal information and delete your account.

Your username appears on your profile and on each article you publish to Coil. Your username must contain at least 3 characters and no more than 16 characters.

If you change your email address, you'll be sent a verification email to the new address before the change takes place.

You must choose a strong password with at least eight characters. You'll receive a message if your password isn't strong enough. To estimate password strength, we look for common names, repeating and sequential characters (e.g., 1111, abcd), keyboard patterns (e.g, qwerty) and a few other things.

Delete your account

If you're paying for a membership, deleting your account automatically cancels your membership.

  1. Under the Account section, enter your password and click Delete Account.

  2. Click Delete Account again. You'll receive a confirmation email containing the last step for deleting your account.

  3. Stay logged in to your Coil account. Then, click the link in the confirmation email. You'll be prompted one last time to click Delete Account. The Coil page refreshes and logs you out. You'll receive a confirmation email stating your account has been deleted.


The Membership section lets you purchase and manage your Coil Membership. Your membership must be paid by credit card in US dollars.

You don't need to pay for a Coil Membership to monetize your content and receive payments. A membership is only needed if you want to browse members-only content and support creators of other monetized sites.

Purchasing a membership is a two-step process. After entering your payment method details, you must click the Subscribe for $5/month link. The link becomes active after entering your details.

You can cancel your membership at any time by clicking Cancel membership.

The green Active button will change to yellow until the end date. Your membership remains valid until this date.

If you only have one payment method on file and want to remove it, you must cancel your membership first. Then, the Remove link will appear.


The Apps section lists any apps you've given permission to access certain details about your Coil account. You can revoke an app's access at any time by clicking Revoke access.

Monetize content

This section appears for Coil Creators.


As a creator, you provided us with your digital wallet's payment pointer while setting up your free Coil account. We took that payment pointer and created a Web Monetization <meta> tag. You'll need this tag if you want to monetize a personal website.

We'll recreate your meta tag if you change your payment pointer. You'll need to update all your monetized pages with the new tag.


See the following pages for details on monetizing your YouTube channel and Twitch stream. You do not need your meta tag to monetize either of these.


This section appears for Coil Creators.

When you set up a free creator account with Coil, you're asked to select your digital wallet provider and enter your payment pointer. You can view and change your digital wallet and payment pointer from the Payouts section.

Click Change to add a new payment pointer from your existing wallet or to set up a new wallet.

  • If you have a new payment pointer from your existing wallet provider, click Link your account in the blue bar at the top of the screen.

  • If you are setting up a new wallet provider, click Setup beneath the provider.

Changing your wallet or payment pointer won't transfer any balances in your old wallet to your new wallet.

The Change Payout Method screen appears after clicking Link your account or Setup. We'll show/prefill certain fields depending on which button you clicked.


If you have a Coil Creator account, you also have a profile.

Your profile is visible to everyone. You can add a profile image and tell everyone a little bit about yourself. To change your username, you must update your Account settings.

Click Edit Profile to upload a profile image and add a biography. Your bio will appear under your username.