Creator account

As a creator, you can monetize your video pages, personal websites, Coil articles, and more. Monetizing your content allows you to receive payment streams from Coil Members as they actively view your content.

Most creators need a free Coil account to receive payments from Coil Members. You don't need to pay for a Coil Membership to monetize your content and receive payments. You only need a membership if you want to browse members-only content and support other creators.

What do you want to do?

Do you need a free Coil creator account?

Create and post monetized articles to our Blogs page


Post links to monetized sites/pages on our Blogs page


Post videos to Cinnamon


Monetize your YouTube channel


Monetize videos that aren't hosted on Cinnamon or YouTube


Monetize your Twitch stream


Monetize your personal website


Monetize your WordPress site


*You don't need a Coil creator account to monetize your site unless you want to post links to your site on Coil's Blogs page.

Sign up with a digital wallet

You must sign up with a digital wallet provider that supports the Interledger protocol (ILP). ILP is what we use to stream payments to your wallet. Supported providers and their payout methods are:

Your provider assigns you a payment pointer when you set up your account. The payment pointer is an address that tells us where to send your payments. As part of signing up for a creator account, you're asked for the payment pointer your wallet provider gave you. You don't need multiple payment pointers to monetize multiple things.

More information can be found here:

Sign up for a free creator account

  1. On the Coil homepage, click Get started.

  2. Enter your full name, email address, and a password. Your password must be at least eight characters.

  3. Agree to our Terms of Service and click Sign Up.

  4. Check your email to confirm your account.

  5. Back on the Coil site, click your profile icon in the upper-right and select Start Creating.

  6. Upload an optional profile image and enter a username. Your username can be from 3 to 16 characters.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. Select the digital wallet you signed up with and click Setup.

  9. Enter your wallet's payment pointer and click Finish.

Delete your account

  1. Log in to your Coil account. 

  2. Click your profile icon and select Settings.

  3. Under the Account section, enter your password and click Delete Account. You'll receive a confirmation email containing the last step for deleting your account.

  4. Stay logged in to your Coil account. Then, click the link in the confirmation email. You're taken back to You'll receive another confirmation email stating your account was successfully deleted.


Boosting Pilot

What is your boosting pilot? How do I join?

Our goal is to help ensure that we fairly compensate the creators who are publishing exceptional content and fostering fan bases. To help achieve this, we are experimenting with different boosting methods. The introduction of the boosting pilot means that payout amounts may change over time.

Check out the resources below. If you believe you meet the requirements, fill out the application form. Creators who receive boosts to their payout will get an email notification. You only need to apply once.


How much do you pay out to creators?

The payout rate starts at $0.36 an hour. This amount tapers to a lower rate on a per-member basis after a member has streamed $4.50 total for the month. Even if the member reaches $5 for the month, we continue paying you at the lowered rate.

Also, some digital wallets support exchanging payments to different currencies, like XRP. The final amount you receive will then depend on the exchange rate at the time of streaming.

Can I specify the price of a piece of content or a minimum pay rate?

No, not at this time.