XRP Tip Bot

Use XRP Tip Bot to have your Coil earnings paid out in XRP. The bot updates balances about every 30 minutes, so you won't see payments right away.

Sign in

Go to XRP Tip Bot and choose how you want to sign in. You aren't required to sign in with a Coil account.

Select a deposit type

  1. Select Deposit from the top navigation bar.

  2. Select ILP (Interledger Protocol).

Add your payment pointer to Coil

When you select the ILP deposit type you're provided a payment pointer. Copy it to your clipboard.

Coils asks for your payment pointer when you set up your creator account. To access your wallet and payment pointer details in your account:

  1. Click your profile icon and select Settings.

  2. Select Payouts.

  3. Click Change if you need to change your wallet provider or your payment pointer.

You're all set. Money earned from Coil Members viewing your content will be converted to XRP then delivered into your XRP Tip Bot wallet.

If you log in to XRP Tip Bot with a Coil account, you'll see that your payment pointer includes a universally unique identifier (UUID). For example, $coil.xrptipbot.com/4567e516-b3d4-2bc0-b12a-cce435cff827.

Coil converts the UUID into base64url encoding. Because of this, your payment pointer will look different when viewing it in your Coil account settings. Using the UUID above, the pointer will read: $coil.xrptipbot.com/RWflFrPUK8CxKszkNc_4Jw. Both of these addresses are valid addresses for your digital wallet.