Membership Details


Purchase a Coil Membership or manage your existing membership in the Membership section of your dashboard.


You only need a Coil Membership if you want to support creators of monetized content. You don't need to purchase a Coil Membership to monetize your own content and receive payments.

Membership section of dashboard

Purchase membership

Your membership must be paid by credit card in US dollars.

  1. Click Add payment method. The payment section turns blue.
  2. Click the phrase Name on card to make the field active and enter your name. Then, enter your card information.

    Enter name and card details

  3. Click the Subscribe for $5/month link. A green status icon appears, indicating your membership is active.

    Membership example with green active icon

Cancel membership

You can cancel your membership at any time.

  1. Select Membership, then click Cancel membership.

    Membership example with active Cancel membership link

  2. Click Cancel to confirm.

Your membership is now canceled and will not renew. You can still use your membership until its expiration date.