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Monetize Content



This section only appears in your dashboard when you have a free Coil account for monetizing your content.

The Monetize Content section of your Settings dashboard is where you'll find your Web Monetization meta tag. When you set up your free Coil account, you provided us with your digital wallet's payment pointer. We took that payment pointer and created your Web Monetization meta tag. You'll need this tag if you want to monetize your own website.


We'll recreate your meta tag if you change your payment pointer. You'll need to update all your monetized pages with the new tag.

You can also link your YouTube channel to your Coil account from the Monetize Content section.

Monetize Content section of dashboard

Monetize your channel#

Check out the following pages for information about monetizing your YouTube channel and Twitch stream.

You don't need your meta tag to monetize either of these channels.