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Payments & Billing


Manage your payment method from the Payments & Billing section of your dashboard. Only one payment method is supported at this time.

Add payment method

  1. Click Add card.

    No payment method with active add card link

  2. Enter your payment details and click Add card.

    Enter payment details screen

    The screen refreshes and shows your payment method.

    Payments screen showing a valid payment method

Update payment method

  1. Click Update.

    Payments screen with active update link

  2. Enter new payment details and click Update.

    The screen refreshes and shows your updated payment method.

Remove payment method

If you have a Coil Membership, you must cancel your membership before removing your payment method.

  1. Click Remove.

    Payments screen with active remove link

  2. Click Remove the card.

    Remove card overlay with go back and remove the card links