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This section only appears in your dashboard when you have a free Coil account for monetizing your content.

View and change your digital wallet and payment pointer from the Payouts section of your dashboard.

When you set up your free Coil account, you selected your digital wallet provider and entered your payment pointer. You'll need to update the details in the Payout section if you change your provider or get a new payment pointer.


The Payouts section only supports a single payment pointer.

Payouts section of dashboard

Change your wallet provider or payment pointer


Changing your wallet provider or payment pointer will not transfer any balances in your old wallet to your new wallet.

  1. Click Change.

    list of wallet providers

  2. If you have a new payment pointer from your existing wallet provider, click Link your account in the blue bar at the top of the screen.
  3. If you are setting up a new wallet provider, click Setup beneath the provider.

The Change Payout Method screen appears. We'll show/prefill certain fields depending on which button you clicked. Complete the fields, then click Finish.

Change payout method screen