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Advanced Web Monetization Features


As a developer implementing Web Monetization on your site, you can offer various perks and functionality for visiting Coil Members. And because Web Monetization is an open standard, the perks and functionality will be available to any web monetized visitor using any Web Monetization provider.

Below are some examples of advanced functionality you can incorporate into your site. Comprehensive explanations and code samples are included on

Exclusive content

Reward Coil Members by giving them access to exclusive content.

Remove ads

Remove ads for Coil Members as a thank you for supporting your site.

Micropayment counter

Show a visiting Coil Member how much you're earning from their visit in real time.

Probabilistic revenue sharing

Share a portion of your revenue through probabilistic revenue sharing (revshare). Revshare randomly chooses from a list of predefined payment pointers each time a Coil Member loads your page.

Start/stop monetization

Turn Web Monetization on and off dynamically in response to a visitor clicking a button.