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Authorization Scopes


The Coil-user resources that your app is allowed to access depends on the authorization scopes you're approved to use. If you don't request a particular scope during the app approval process, we'll grant you access based on your use case. The app approval process is outlined on the OAuth Overview page.

For questions, email us at [email protected].


openid is required for any OAuth grant but no permissions are attached to it.



For most use cases, simple_wm provides everything you'll need to authorize a Coil user to make streaming payments without the Coil Extension. The majority of OAuth access requests will be approved to use simple_wm.

The simple_wm scope provides a Coil user's unique, permanent ID and a BTP token. The BTP token allows an Interledger Protocol (ILP) stream to open so that Coil can make payments.

simple_wm respects the privacy of Coil users by keeping their details private while enabling them to stream payments on more platforms.


The email scope provides you with the Coil user's email address and can be used along with simple_wm.