Web Monetization Overview


Web Monetization is an open standard and a proposed W3C standard that allows websites to request payment from a user via the user's browser. In return for being paid, the website can react in real time; for example, by providing extra functionality to visitors, turning off ads, or displaying a thank-you message. The payments made via Interledger.

Coil uses Web Monetization to facilitate streaming payments from Coil Members to web monetized sites.

Requirements for Web Monetization

Currently, Coil Members must run the Coil Extension in a supported desktop browser, or use the mobile Puma Browser app, which includes Web Monetization support natively.

basic illustration of flow

As a developer with a web monetized site, you can extend support for Coil Members by using our APIs and scripts. Use our OAuth API to offer a way for Coil Members to access your content on desktop and mobile without requiring users to install the Coil Extension. Use our OAuth Web Monetization script, which integrates with our API, to receive payments on behalf of visiting Coil Members. The script enables payments to work on iOS, Safari, and other desktop and mobile browsers that don't support the Coil Extension.