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Intro to Coil

What is Coil?

Coil is a Web Monetization provider. We provide a way for our members to access web monetized content.

As a Coil Member, you pay $5 USD a month to have access to all web monetized sites, not just a select few. When you visit a web monetized site, Coil streams micropayments to the site. These payments occur in real time, and continue for as long as you actively view the content. No matter how much you browse, you only pay $5 USD a month.


Want to add Web Monetization to your own content? Check out our intro to monetization.

How does Coil work?

As a Coil Member, you'll install a browser extension that uses an open standard called Web Monetization. The extension checks whether the site you're visiting is web monetized. If it is, the extension tells us to start streaming payments to the site.

Many web monetized sites provide Coil Members with premium experiences, including access to exclusive content, ad-free browsing, and more! And for some sites, it's a simple and direct way for their readers, watchers, and fans to support the site.

Ready to become a member?

  1. Get your Coil Membership for $5 USD a month.
  2. Install Coil's desktop extension or download Puma Browser's mobile app. Puma Browser comes with the Coil Extension already built in.
  3. Sign in to Coil and enjoy web monetized content and features across the internet.

See our Membership Overview for a more in-depth look at becoming a Coil Member.

What is a web monetized site?

For a site to be web monetized, it must contain a particular snippet of code that includes a valid payment pointer.

Each time you visit a web monetized site, the Coil Extension uses the payment pointer to request a temporary, encrypted payment address. The address is sent to Coil's servers, then we stream micropayments to the address. All while preserving your privacy!

How do I find web monetized content?

Here's a few ways you can find web monetized content.

Some web monetized creators, publishers, and platforms even offer special perks to Coil Members. Here's a few examples.

Cinnamon logo
Get access to all exclusive content on Cinnamon.
Imgur logo
Enjoy ad-free browsing on Imgur through Imgur Emerald.

Still have questions?

Below are some general questions we frequently receive. Many other pages within our help center also contain FAQs. If you can't find what you're looking for, check out our Support page for ways to contact us.

How is Coil different from other membership services, like Patreon and Flattr?

With services like Patreon, you select which creators to support, then pay each creator separately, depending on the membership plans they offer. Coil streams payments in real time to any web monetized sites you visit.

Services such as Flattr wait until the end of the month to distribute payments to the creators you supported. Coil instantly pays a fixed amount for every second you actively view web monetized content. This means the site can offer you a premium experience, such as unlocking exclusive content, in real time.

Do I need a Coil Membership to web monetize my own content?

Not at all! Adding Web Monetization to your own content is completely free. You only need a membership if you want to support other web monetized sites. For more about adding Web Monetization to your own content, check out our intro to monetization.

Does Coil have an ICO or token?

No. Coil uses the open Interledger protocol, which is both ledger and currency-agnostic, to send micropayments from Coil Members to web monetized sites. Coil Members pay for their subscription with a card in US dollars and web monetized sites receive payments in any supported currency.

Is Coil publicly traded? How can I invest in Coil?

Coil isn't publicly traded yet and is not presently accepting new investors.

Does Coil mine cryptocurrency?

No, Coil does not mine cryptocurrency. Coil uses the open Interledger protocol, which is both ledger and currency-agnostic, to send micropayments from Coil Members to web monetized sites. Web monetized sites can receive payments in any supported currency.