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Manage Membership

Manage your Coil membership by selecting My Subscription from the Profile menu. The My Subscription dashboard appears by default. You can also select the Payments dashboard from the top navigation bar.

profile menu with account settings optionaccount settings screen

My Subscription dashboard

View and revoke access to authorized apps

Authorized apps are apps that you've given permission to use your Coil login information.

  1. Click within the Apps line.

    account settings screen

  2. View the list of apps that have permission to use your Coil login, as well as what other information the app has access to and the date that access was given.

    example showing Imgur with permission to use Coil login

  3. Revoke an app's access by clicking Revoke.
  4. Click Revoke again to confirm.

    revoke app access confirmation screen

Manage your membership

The options you see on your dashboard depends on the status of your membership.

The example below shows an active membership that will renew on December 17, 2022. To prevent the membership from renewing, the user would need to click Cancel before December 17.

cancel option on my subscription dashboard

The next example shows an active membership that's been canceled. This user's membership can still be used until the expiration date. The user could also choose to restart their membership by clicking Renew.

account settings screen

If you've never had a Coil membership, the dashboard shows a Subscribe option. Clicking Subscribe takes you to the payment details screen. If you'd like to purchase a membership, you must pay by card in US dollars. We accept most cards issued by the major credit card networks.

my subscription dashboard with Subscribe button

Remember, you only need a Coil membership if you want to support web monetized content. You don't need to purchase a membership to web monetize your own content.

Cancel membership

  1. Locate the Renewal line.
  2. Click Cancel.

    cancel option on my subscription dashboard

  3. Click Cancel membership.

    cancel confirmation screen

Your membership is now canceled and will not renew. You can still use your membership until its expiration date.

Get the Coil extension

If you're signed in to your account on a supported browser but don't have the Coil extension installed, the dashboard provides a link to the extension in your browser's add-on store. In the example below, the Enable the Coil Extension panel links to the Firefox store.

account settings screen with link to download firefox extension

Payments dashboard

Add, update, or remove your payment method

Your payment method is saved to your account when you purchase a Coil membership. You can see the payment method you used in the Payments dashboard.

payments dashboard with an added payment method

Update your payment method

Click Update to change your payment method. Only one payment method is supported at a time. Your updated payment method will be used the next time your membership renews.

update credit card screen

Remove your payment method

You can remove your payment method if you no longer have a Coil membership (e.g., you've canceled your membership). Click Remove, then click Remove again to verify the change.

remove payment method confirmation screen

You'll receive an error if you try to remove a payment method while your Coil membership is still active.

remove payment method error

Add a payment method

Click Add card to add a payment method to your account.

payments dashboard with add card option

Enter your payment details, then click Add card again.

payment method details screen

Note that adding a payment method does not subscribe you to Coil. If you want to purchase a Coil membership after adding a card, you can do so from the My Subscription dashboard.

Redeem a promo code

To redeem a promo code from the Payments dashboard, enter your code in the Promo code field, then click Redeem.

promo code field in payments dashboard

View your billing history

If your account has a billing history, a list of each membership charge appears at the bottom of the Payments dashboard.

example of eight months of billing history