Membership Overview

As a Coil Member, you get unlimited access to all web monetized content everywhere on the internet. Many web monetized sites provide Coil Members with premium experiences, including access to exclusive content, ad-free browsing, and more! And for some sites, it's a simple and direct way for their readers, watchers, and fans to support the site.

Sign up

First, sign up for a membership. For now, memberships must be paid by card in US dollars. We accept most cards issued by the major credit card networks. We're looking to expand our payment options in the future.

Go directly to the Sign Up page or visit Get a Membership for instructions.

Install the extension

Add the Coil Extension to your browser. The extension checks whether the site you're visiting is web monetized. If it is, the extension tells us to start streaming payments to the site. The Coil Extension page provides download links for our supported browsers and explains why we request certain permissions.


When you visit a web monetized site, the Coil Extension tells us to start streaming payments to the site on your behalf. Payments occur in real time, and continue for as long as you actively consume the content. No matter how much you browse, you only pay $5 USD a month.

Find web monetized content

Here's a few ways you can find web monetized content.

Some web monetized creators, publishers, and platforms even offer special perks to Coil Members. Here's a few examples.

Cinnamon logo
Get access to exclusive content on platforms like Cinnamon.
Imgur logo
Enjoy ad-free browsing on Imgur through Imgur Emerald.
Twitch logo
Support your favorite Twitch partners and affiliates by watching their streams.

Learn about privacy

Coil takes your privacy very seriously. We take steps to ensure our extension won't expose any sensitive data, not even to us. We never share your identity with the sites you visit and we never track your browsing behavior. For complete details about how we collect, use, and share information about you when you use our website, software, and services, review our Privacy Policy.

Sender-side and wallet-side privacy

Coil keeps your data safe by implementing sender-side and wallet-side privacy features. With sender-side privacy, we hide your identity from our servers. We don't need to know who you are, only that you're authorized to use our service.

With wallet-side privacy, your browsing history and the identity of the person receiving the payments are hidden from Coil. Your identity is also hidden from the receiver's wallet provider. All the provider knows is that there are micropayments coming in from Coil.

When sender-side and wallet-side privacy are used together, Coil can only tell that an authorized user is visiting some site that uses a particular provider as its wallet.

You can find more information about these privacy features in our CTO’s blog post, Doubling Down on Privacy.


When you have the Coil Extension installed and interact with a Twitch or web monetized YouTube channel/video, we can see the URL. However, we don't associate your identity with the URL. Since Twitch payments aren't delivered in real time, we need the URL to associate payments with the correct partner/affiliate account.

Extension permissions

When you install the Coil Extension, you’re asked to grant certain permissions for the extension to operate.

The browsers that support our extension don't offer a single permission that allows our extension to work. Instead, we have to request more permissions than we need or use. We strongly encourage you to check out the Browser permissions section on the Coil Extension page to get a better understanding for why that is.


Accounts and memberships

Can I use cryptocurrency to pay for my membership?

Not at this time. All memberships must be paid by card in US dollars. We accept most cards issued by the major credit card networks.

We have plans to accept crypto and other payment methods in the future, and it’s very important to us that whatever methods we offer provide a great user experience. For example, there isn’t a great standard for recurring payments with crypto, nor is there proper messaging (e.g., showing appropriate transaction details in your transaction history).

We are working on a set of protocols called Open Payments that will not only bring crypto payments up to par with credit cards, but actually make it an even better experience for seeing and canceling recurring payments from your wallet and so on.

Do I have to install the Coil Extension?

If you're on desktop, it's likely you'll need to install the extension. The extension tells us where to send payments. Some sites don't require the extension because you sign in to their service using your Coil account (like Cinnamon) or you link your Coil account to their service (like Imgur Emerald). However, most web monetized sites don't offer this functionality and require you to have the extension so we can pay them.

If you're on mobile, the Coil Extension is included within the Puma Browser. There's nothing extra you need to install.

As a member, will I still see ads?

It depends. Coil isn't an ad blocker, but a web monetized site could be set up so that ads are disabled for Coil Members.

For example, Imgur hides ads for their Imgur Emerald members. Many sites in our comedy bundle, such as The Hard Times, also give Coil Members an ad-free experience.

Does my membership renew on the first of the month?

Not necessarily. It renews based on your sign up date. If you signed up on October 17, your membership will renew on November 17.

Payments and fees

Do you pay all the sites I visit?

No, we only pay sites that have implemented Web Monetization. Web Monetization is an open standard, meaning it's free for anyone to implement.

How much do you pay out as I interact with web monetized content?

The payout rate starts at $0.36 USD an hour. After you've streamed $4.50 of your monthly membership fee, the amount tapers to a lower rate to stretch the remaining $0.50 until your membership renews.

Some payout options support exchanging payments to different currencies, like XRP or Euros. The final amount a site receives will then depend on the exchange rate at the time of conversion.

What happens if I stream $5 USD before my membership renews?

You'll continue to have access to web monetized content. We'll continue to make payments to web monetized sites, but at a lowered rate.

Can I see how much I've paid a particular site?

No. Preserving your privacy is important to Coil. To show which sites you've paid, we'd have to track which web monetized sites you've visited.

Can I see how much of my membership fee I've spent?

Not currently. We only show when the Coil Extension is actively streaming payments. We continue paying even if you consume $5 USD worth of content in a month, so there's no need to keep track.

Can I blacklist certain sites so they don't get paid when I visit?

Not at the moment. For now, the only way to prevent payment to a web monetized site is to disable/sign out of the Coil Extension.

Are bloggers on Coil paid more if I upvote their articles?

No, upvotes don't pay out. They only help update our Blogs page.