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Coil Blogs

Your Coil Membership gives you access to all content posted on Coil's Blogs page. The Blogs page contains posts written by other Coil users and user-submitted links to web monetized sites outside of Coil's blogging platform.

For each second you read a blog post, the author gets paid. Some authors might even offer exclusive, members-only content.


If you're interested in writing your own posts or submitting links to web monetized sites, check out our Coil Blogs page for creators.

Navigate the Blogs page#

The top of the Blogs page contains featured posts. Featured posts are hand-picked by Coil based on quality, engagement, and original nature of the content. We typically update the featured posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Example of discover page with featured posts on top and explore section on bottom

Following the Featured posts is the Explore section. Explore is broken down into five parts:

  • Following - Posts made by Coil users you're following. There's a Follow option on each user's profile page and within their blog posts. This section doesn't appear unless you've signed in to your Coil account.

    We don't offer notifications for when new posts are available.

  • Trending - The most popular posts of the day. We calculate based on the number of Coil Member upvotes weighted by date/time.
  • Top - The most upvoted posts within the last week. If multiple posts have the same number of upvotes, the posts are ordered by date from oldest to newest.
  • New - All posts are added here and are listed by date from newest to oldest.
  • Twitch - This section is unused.

View a post#

A post could be completely public, for members only, or a combination of the two. You can see public content regardless of whether you have a Coil Membership. For the author to get paid, you'll need to sign in to your Coil Membership account. You'll also need to sign in to your account to view members-only content.

When viewing a post, you can:

  • Access the Coil user's profile by clicking their profile image or username.
  • Follow the Coil user (requires a Coil Membership).
  • Upvote the post (requires a Coil Membership).
  • Share the post to Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.
  • Flag the post for inappropriate content, broken links, spam, and so on.
example blog post with actionable sidebar

Blog posts vs user-submitted links#

Telling the difference between a blog post and a link to a web monetized site depends on whether you're on desktop or mobile.


On the desktop site, you can tell the difference between a blog post and a link based on the URL. Blog posts are on

post and link URL examples on desktop


On our mobile site, blog posts have an 'A' icon in the lower-right corner and links have a link icon.

post and link icon examples on mobile

Flag a post#

Flag a post to report inappropriate content, broken links, spam, and so on. The method for flagging a post depends on whether you're on desktop or mobile.

flag post options

When you flag a post, we'll receive an email with the details.


On the Blogs page, hover your mouse over the post. Click the Flag icon that appears on the far-right side. The Flag icon also appears within each blog post.


Tap the โšˆโšˆโšˆ in the upper-right of the post then tap Flag.


Payments and fees#

Are Coil users paid more if I upvote their posts?#

No, upvotes don't pay out. They only help update our Blogs page.


Can other Coil users track what I read?#

No one can track anything about you specifically. All an author can see is that they've received payments from Coil.

Can Coil track what I read?#

No. We can see when you're using Coil, but not what content you view.