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Web Monetization

Example of Coil Extension paying a site

As a Coil Member, you get unlimited access to all web monetized content everywhere on the internet. In return, websites can turn off ads, unlock exclusive content, or provide extra functionality in real time.

Even if a site doesn't provide exclusives, being a Coil Member is a simple and direct way to support the sites you love. All you need is the Coil Extension.

Get the extension

Check out the Coil Extension page to see which browsers we support. If you have an iOS or Android device, you can install Puma Browser, which has the extension built in.

Support web monetized content

When you visit a web monetized site, the Coil Extension sends payments to the site for as long as you are actively reading, watching, or listening to the content. Being a Coil Member is a simple and direct way to support the sites you love.


Cinnamon is a web monetized video platform that offers exclusive content to Coil Members. Visit to learn more!

Imgur Emerald

When you join Imgur Emerald, we stream micropayments to Imgur. In return, you experience ad-free browsing! Check out our Imgur Emerald documentation for details.


Support your favorite Twitch Partners and Affiliates simply by watching their streams. Your favorite Twitch streamers don't even need a Coil account! Review our Twitch documentation for more information. is a web monetized blogging platform. Your membership gives you access to all web monetized content posted on Visit to get started.

Find more web monetized content

Here's a few ways you can find web monetized content.