Coil Blogs

You can use Coil's blogging platform to post your own blog articles or links to web monetized sites. Your posts appear on


Looking for basic information about Coil Blogs? Check out the Coil Blogs for Members page.

To post to Coil's Blogs page, you'll need a free Coil account. You don't need to pay for a Coil Membership unless you want to browse members-only content and support creators of other monetized sites.

Create a blog post

When you post to Coil's Blogs page, your post is automatically web monetized. You'll get paid for every second a Coil Member views your post, regardless of whether the content is public, for subscribers (Coil Members), or split between the two.

  1. Go to Coil's Blogs page.
  2. Click + New Post.

    clicking new post animation

  3. Select Article.

You can post any kind of content you want except for what's prohibited by our Terms of Service.

writing a new post animation

Your post is automatically saved as a draft as you write. To come back to your draft later, go back to the Blogs page, click your profile icon in the upper-right and select My Posts > Drafts.

When you've finished your post, click Publish in the upper-right. Your post is automatically added to the New section on the Blogs page.

Post types

You can set your posts to be public, for subscribers (Coil Members), or a combination of the two. All posts are public by default.

padlock unlocked Public

Public posts are available to anyone on the internet. These posts are great if you just want to get awareness for your content. Plus, you'll still earn money when Coil Members visit your public posts. Public is the default setting.

padlock locked Subscriber only

You can set the entire post to only be available to subscribers (Coil Members) by clicking the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

post type menu at the top of the new post screen

Subscriber-only posts are great if you want to write exclusively for Coil Members. Only the title will be visible for users without a Coil Membership.

split post icon Split

Split posts combine the best of both worlds. They have a public section and a subscribers-only section which makes them ideal to share with potential Coil Members to grow your paying audience.

To create a split post you start off with a public post. After you've written your public content you can add a lock divider from the (+) menu. Everything added below that lock divider will only be visible to Coil Members.

creating a split post animation

Header and thumbnail images

The header image is responsive and scales based on the size of your browser window. Your header image is used to generate the thumbnail for your post on the Blogs page. If you don't include a header image, we show the following generic image on Blogs:

generic thumbnail

Follow these guidelines when creating your own image.

Max Resolution3200 x 1800 px
File SizeBelow 500kB
File FormatsGIF, JPG, PNG, SVG

Using the image below as an example, everything in the blue square makes up the post's thumbnail and everything in the red rectangle will show as your post's header.

header image thumbnail and crop lines

Embed options

The (+) menu lets you embed images, audio files, videos, and links into your post.

embed options

Coil uses Embedly for embeds. You should be able to embed content hosted by any content provider supported by Embedly into your post.

Video Embeds

There's a difference between embedding a video and embedding a link to a video.

When you embed a video, you're paid for the time members watch the video from within your article. It's the article that's monetized, not the video itself.

If a member clicks an embedded link to your video and leaves the Coil site, the Coil extension stops paying. There's one exception: if your YouTube channel is monetized, you'll continue receiving payments while Coil Members watch your videos directly through

Character formatting

The Character Formatting menu appears when you highlight characters in the body of your post.

character formatting menu with code example

Embed a code snippet

There are two ways to embed code snippets into a post. For short snippets, like in the example above, you can highlight the code and then click the code snippet < > button.

Which turns it into a snippet like this:

text with code formatting applied

We recommend embedding larger snippets via GitHub gists.

  1. Make a public gist on
  2. Click the Embed drop-down and select Share.
  3. Copy the share URL via the Clipboard button.
  4. Paste the URL into your post and it will auto embed.

Post a link

You can share links to web monetized sites by posting a link to the Blogs page. You can even share links to your own videos on Cinnamon or your web monetized YouTube channel.


You'll receive an error if the page you link to isn't web monetized.

  1. Go to the Coil Blogs page.
  2. Click + New Post.
  3. Select Link.
  4. Enter a title for your link.
  5. Paste the URL of your page/video into the field and click Post.

Your link is automatically added to the New section on the Blogs page.



Do I have to pay to publish on Coil?

No. Anyone with a Coil account can publish content for free. The only time you need to pay is if you want to support other creators and access their exclusive content.

Do I get paid for public posts?

Yes, you get paid for all content when Coil Members view your posts, even when they're fully public. The difference is that if you have members-only content, then only Coil Members can see it.

Why doesn't Web Monetization work when I view my own blog posts?

We disable Web Monetization when you view your own posts.


What kind of content can I post?

You can post any kind of content you want except for what's prohibited by our Terms of Service.

Can I add a tag or category to my post?

We don't support tags or categories at this time.