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Content Monetization Overview

For you to receive payment when Coil Members visit your content, your content must be web monetized.

Web Monetization is a proposed web standard that enables browsers to pay websites. Coil provides a desktop browser extension to facilitate these payments. Puma Browser is a third-party app for iOS and Android devices that has the Coil Extension built in. In most cases, payments occur in real time, as content is accessed.

Before you begin

Before you can web monetize your own content, you'll need a payment pointer. A payment pointer is assigned to you by your digital wallet provider.

How do I monetize my content?

How you monetize your content depends on where you plan to host it.

Third-party platforms

Do you have content on a third-party platform that's not covered here? Your platform provider might support Web Monetization.

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Have a Twitch partner or affiliate account? Your streams are automatically web monetized! As Coil Members watch your stream, we accumulate your payments, then purchase and deposit Twitch Bits when your balance is high enough.

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It's easy to become web monetized if you're hosting your own site. All you need to do is add the Web Monetization meta tag to your site's <head>.

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Have a WordPress site? Coil's official plugin makes it easy for you to get paid instantly while Coil Members browse your content.

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If you have a YouTube channel, you can link it to your free Coil account and get paid for each second a Coil Member watches your videos.

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Promotional assets and brand guidelines

Add a button to your site to let your fans and users know they can support you by using Coil. Our Button Customizer lets you set the label, color, and size of the button. If you have an affiliate code, you can add it too!

If you have questions about how to use the Coil brand, check out our brand guidelines.