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Third-Party Platforms


Some third-party platforms have implemented Web Monetization. This can mean different things depending on the platform. A web monetized platform could:

  • Allow creators to add their payment pointer and receive full or partial payments when Coil Members visit their content
  • Receive the payments themselves when Coil Members visit their platforms

If and how payments are distributed is up to the platform. If it's not clear what a web monetized platform does with its earnings, you'll need to reach out to them directly.

If the platform allows you to receive earnings from Coil, you'll still need an account with a supported digital wallet provider and a payment pointer.

If your favorite platform isn't listed, we suggest reaching out to them directly and asking them to support Web Monetization.


Check out our Discover and Developer pages for more web monetized sites and platforms. Not every site will host content for you, but some will!

Publishing platforms

The following publishing platforms let you receive payments from Coil. Each platform provides a way for you to enter your payment pointer into your account settings. If you're unable to find where to add your payment pointer, please contact the platform's support team.

Static site generators

The site generators Gatsby and VuePress let you inject your payment pointer into your pages via plugins.

Web hosting providers

If your content is uploaded to a web hosting provider, you'll need the ability to add a meta tag to your site before you can earn revenue from Coil.

Some providers let you edit your site's source code directly. Others provide you with GUI tools. For example, Wix lets you add meta tags via their SEO panel and Squarespace provides a premium Code Injection feature.

For instructions on how to create and where to place the meta tag, review our Monetize a Website page.

Note that some providers won't let you add meta tags at all. If you're unsure as to whether you can add meta tags to your site, please reach out to your hosting provider directly.