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Twitch for Streamers

If you're a streamer with a Twitch Partner or Affiliate account, your streams are automatically monetized. There's no additional setup required!

You don't need a Coil account or a payment pointer. We have a special integration with Twitch that allows us to pay you in Twitch Bits.

Your viewers

For you to receive payments, your viewer must:

  • Be a Coil Member
  • Use the Coil Extension. Twitch monetization is not supported in Puma Browser.

How it works

Payments aren't delivered in real time. It could take 24 hours or more for you to receive a payment.

  1. For each second a Coil Member watches your stream, we keep track of how much you've earned, in USD, then purchase Twitch Bits when your balance is high enough.
  2. The Coil Twitch Bot performs periodic checks of your balance (about every 24 hours).
  3. When your balance is high enough, the Twitch Bits are deposited into your partner/affiliate account by the Coil Twitch Bot.
  4. The Coil Twitch Bot posts to your chat when it makes a deposit.

    example bot post to chat


If you know Coil Members are watching your stream, but you haven't received Twitch Bits, it could be that:

  • The bot hasn't checked your accrued balance yet.
  • Your accrued balance isn't high enough for the bot to deposit Bits. Possible reasons are:
    • Your earnings haven't met Twitch's minimum purchase threshold for Bits (currently 100 Bits).
    • You've set the minimum number of Bits needed to receive a cheer to a high number.

      For example, if you set your minimum to 150 Bits, the Coil Twitch Bot can't make a deposit until you've earned the equivalent of 200 Bits.

  • Coil has already streamed $4.50 for a particular viewer, so that viewer's payout rate is lowered until their membership renews.
  • You don't have a Twitch partner or affiliate account. In this case, your viewer's Coil Extension will show that you aren't monetized.