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Website FAQs and Troubleshooting


Do I have to pay Coil to monetize my website?

Not at all. Adding Web Monetization to your site is free.

Do I need a Coil account to receive payments from Coil?

No, but by signing up for a Coil Membership, you can support other creators of web monetized content.

Is Web Monetization possible if there's no meta tag on my site?

No. The <meta> tag is required for Web Monetization to work. Without it, the Coil Extension won't know your site is monetized.


How do I know if my content is property monetized?

To check for Web Monetization, you'll need either a free Coil account or a Coil Membership, depending on how precise you want your testing to be. If you only want to verify that your site is web monetized, you'll need a free account. If you want see how your website looks to other Coil Members, you'll need a membership.