Website FAQs and Troubleshooting


Do I have to pay Coil to monetize my website?

No. Adding Web Monetization to your site is free.

Do I need a Coil account to earn money from Coil Members?

The short answer is no. However, there are benefits to having one or both types of accounts offered by Coil.

If you sign up for a Coil Membership for $5 USD a month, you can support other creators of web monetized content.

If you sign up for a free Coil account, you can post a link to your web monetized site to the Coil Blogs page. As part of signing up, you'll be asked to enter your payment pointer. Then, you can post a link to your site.

See the question, How do I know if my content is properly monetized, for additional reasons.

Is Web Monetization possible if there's no meta tag on my site?

No. The <meta> tag is required for Web Monetization to work. Without it, the Coil Extension won't know your site is monetized.


How do I know if my content is property monetized?

To test for Web Monetization, you'll need either a free Coil account or a Coil Membership, depending on how specific you want your testing to be. If you only want to verify that your site is web monetized, you'll need a free account. If you want see how your website looks to other Coil Members, you'll need a membership.

I tried posting a link to Coil Blogs and received the error, "This page is not web-monetized. Make sure it includes a tag with a 'name' of 'monetization." Why?

The page you link to must be web monetized. That means it must have the Web Monetization meta tag added to the <head> section of your website. See Monetize a Website for more information.

If you've verified the Web Monetization meta tag is added correctly, but you still receive this error, contact our Support team.