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Monetize a Website


This page describes how to add Web Monetization to your own website. When your site is web monetized, you'll receive payments from Coil when Coil Members visit your site.


Coil Members must use the Coil Extension for you to receive payments.

Adding Web Monetization to your own website is easier than you might expect and only takes a few steps. However, there's a few requirements to be aware of before you begin.

  • You must have access to your site's <head>
  • Your site must be secure (served over HTTPS)

Get set up for Web Monetization

  1. Set up a digital wallet with a supported wallet provider.
  2. Get your payment pointer from your wallet provider.
  3. (Optional) Create a free Coil account.

Generate your Web Monetization meta tag

There's a few ways you can generate your Web Monetization meta tag. Your meta tag is always in the following format:

<meta name="monetization" content="$your.payment/pointer">

  1. If you created a free Coil account, go to the Monetize Content section of your Settings dashboard and copy your meta tag from there.
  2. Go to the Meta Tag Generator on and insert your payment pointer.
  3. Type your meta tag out manually, using the example above as a template.

Add the meta tag to your site

Add the entire meta tag to the <head> section of your website. If your website has multiple pages and you want to add Web Monetization to all of them, you must place the meta tag on each page of your site.

Example HTML

<!doctype html>
<title>My Web Monetized Site</title>