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Monetize WordPress Content

After you install the plugin and enter your payment pointer, your site is web monetized! This page describes the monetization settings available to you and how to apply different settings to individual posts and post types.

Global monetization settings

Select the General Settings tab and locate the Monetization Settings panel.

monetization settings under the general settings tab

This panel lets you add or remove Web Monetization for each of your post types. Your post types are all set to Monetized by default. Posts and Pages are shown in the screenshot above, but you might see additional post types depending on your WordPress setup.

When a post type is:

  • Monetized - you'll receive payments from Coil for each second a Coil member spends on a post of that type
  • Not Monetized - the plugin won't add the Web Monetization meta tag to those posts, so you won't receive payments from Coil

You can choose to override the global settings by:

  • Using categories and tags
  • Changing the monetization status on a per-post basis within the WordPress post editor
About exclusive content

While you can choose to make all or a portion of your content exclusive to Coil members, the post that the content resides on must be monetized. If it's not monetized, it can't be made exclusive. Find out more on the Manage Exclusive Content page.

Add monetization to categories and tags

Adding a monetization status to categories and tags is one way to override your global monetization settings. When you add or edit a category/tag, you'll have an option to Select a Web Monetization status.

WM status menu for a new category

Your options are:

  • Default - Category/tag inherits the current global monetization setting
  • Enabled - Category/tag adds Web Monetization to the post*
  • Disabled - Category/tag removes Web Monetization from the post

*Selecting Enabled also lets you assign a visibility option (Everyone or Coil Members Only). More information about these options can be found on the Manage Exclusive Content page.

Conflicting category/tag statuses

If a public post contains conflicting categories and/or tags (e.g., one is set to Enabled and the other to Disabled), then Web Monetization is enabled on the post.

Enable or disable monetization on an individual post

Adding a monetization status to an individual post is another way to override your global monetization settings. Your options are similar to what's available with categories and tags.

  1. Open the post in the editor.
  2. Locate the Coil Web Monetization panel under the Post section.
  3. Select an option from the Select a monetization status menu. Your choices are:
    • Default - Post inherits the global monetization and visibility settings (your global settings are shown in parentheses). More information about visibility settings can be found on the Manage Exclusive Content page.
    • Enabled - Web Monetization is added to the post. This status also lets you select a visibility option for the individual page (Everyone or Coil Members Only).
    • Disabled - Web Monetization is removed from the post.

      post editor showing the monetization status menu

  4. Save or publish the post to save your changes.

Determine the final monetization status of a post

monetization decision tree