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WordPress Overview

Coil's official Web Monetization plugin lets you monetize some or all of your WordPress site. With a monetized site, you'll receive payments from Coil Members for each second they view your content.

Before you begin#

  • You must have a payment pointer. Your payment pointer is how we know where to send your payments. You'll enter your payment pointer when configuring the plugin.
  • You don't need a Coil account (free or paid) to use the plugin, but you might find that having one is helpful.
  • Your visitors must have a Coil Membership and use the Coil Extension for you to receive payments.

How it works#

The plugin adds the Web Monetization meta tag to the <head> section of each of your pages. For more information about the Web Monetization meta tag, see

The plugin's default content settings make all your pages and posts Enabled & Public. This means when Coil Members visit your site, you’ll get paid. Visitors who aren’t Coil Members can still access your content, but will see a customizable message suggesting they sign up for a Coil Membership.

You can change the way pages and posts are monetized:

  • Globally
  • Per page and per post
  • Through the use of tags and categories
  • Through the use of blocks (Block editor only)


  1. Install and configure the plugin.
  2. Add basic Web Monetization to your content.
  3. Apply advanced customizations to the plugin, such as defining excerpts and changing visitor-facing messaging.
  4. Review the WordPress FAQs and Troubleshooting page.