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WordPress Overview

Coil's official Web Monetization plugin lets you add Web Monetization to some or all of your WordPress site. With a web monetized site, you'll receive payments from Coil for each second a Coil member views your content. You can also control the visibility of your content by choosing to show all, some, or none of your content to those without a Coil membership.

Our plugin doesn't share user data with Coil or any other party.

Before you begin

  • You must have a payment pointer. Your payment pointer is how we know where to send your payments. You'll enter your payment pointer after installing the plugin. If each user in your WordPress instance has their own payment pointer, the plugin supports that, too!
  • You don't need a Coil account to use the plugin, but you might find that having one is helpful for testing Web Monetization on your site.
  • Your visitors must have a Coil membership and use the Coil extension for you to receive payments.


  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Enter your payment pointer.
  3. Establish your monetization settings.
  4. Optionally set some or all of your content to be exclusive to Coil members.
  5. Set up the streaming support widget.