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Set Up the WordPress Streaming Support Widget

The streaming support widget is designed to help you to introduce people to Coil and encourage them to sign up for a Coil membership. You'll receive payments from Coil for each second a Coil member views your content

You can also use this widget to thank visitors who are already Coil members.

Enable or disable the widget

Select the Streaming Support Widget tab to toggle the widget on and off. It is enabled (on) by default. When disabled, the widget will not appear on your site.

streaming support widget enabled under the streaming support widget tab

Set the widget's visibility for post types

Locate the Visibility panel under the Streaming Support Widget tab.

visibility panel under the streaming support widget tab

This panel lets you select whether to show or hide the widget on specific post types. Your post types are all set to Show by default. Posts and Pages are shown in the screenshot above, but you might see additional post types depending on your WordPress setup.

When a post type is set to:

  • Show - The widget will appear to non-Coil members. It will also appear to Coil members if configured to do so.
  • Hide - The widget will not appear to anyone.

Even when the widget is set to Show, there are certain conditions that will cause the widget to be hidden. The widget will be hidden when a:

  • Post type is set to Not Monetized.
  • Visitor dismisses the widget. The widget reappears after the cookie expires (2 weeks) or sooner if the visitor clears their cache.
  • Visitor is not a Coil member and an individual post is set to Make exclusive. In this scenario, non-Coil members will see your paywall. Coil members will see your content and the widget unless you've chosen to hide the widget from current members.

Customize the widget's appearance

When the Streaming Support widget is enabled, you can:

  • Customize the message that appears to non-Coil members and the link for these users to sign up to Coil
  • Select whether the widget will appear to Coil members and, if so, define the message they'll see (perhaps to thank them for their support)
  • Select whether to apply a dark or light theme to the widget, as well as set its size to large or small
  • Position the widget on the screen using the drop-down menu and set additional margin values, as needed

As you make updates to the widget, you'll see your changes in real time in the preview area.

widget settings panel under the streaming support widget tab