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YouTube FAQs and Troubleshooting



Do I need a Coil account to monetize my YouTube channel?

Yes, you'll need a free Coil account. Your Coil account is where you enter your payment pointer. Without a payment pointer, we won't know where to send your payments. Your Coil account also must be linked to your YouTube channel.

If I'm also a Coil Member, do I get paid when I watch my own videos on YouTube?

Yes. Even though you linked your YouTube channel to your Coil account, the Coil Extension can't tell when you're viewing your own channel. When you view any web monetized content, including your own, Coil's payout rate starts at $0.36 USD an hour and tapers to a lower rate after Coil has streamed a total of $4.50. The lower rate is used until your membership renews.

Linking Errors

I'm having trouble linking my account.

Make sure your browser isn't blocking all cookies. You must allow cookies to link your YouTube account to Coil.

If you're using the Brave browser, disable the Shields feature and try again. Shields blocks cookies so you'll need to disable it long enough to link your account. Shields might also be the issue if you're receiving a Google auth failed to initialize error.

Meta tag

Where do I put my meta tag?

Nowhere! When you link your channel to Coil, we take care of all the work. You don't need to add your meta tag to your YouTube channel.

Payment pointer

Where do I put my payment pointer?

Your payment pointer is only needed in your Coil Settings.