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Monetize Your YouTube Channel


You can add Web Monetization to your YouTube channel by linking your channel to your free Coil account. When you link your channel, you'll get paid for each second a Coil Member watches your videos on YouTube's website. Linking your channel adds Web Monetization to the pages your videos are on, not the video files themselves.


Monetizing your channel by linking to Coil is separate from YouTube's Partner Program (YPP). You can still link your channel to us if you're part of YPP.

Your viewers

For you to receive payments, your viewer must:

How it works

  1. You link your channel to Coil.
  2. The Coil Extension detects your viewer is on YouTube's domain.
  3. The extension sends the page's URL to Coil's server.
  4. Coil's server looks up the associated payment pointer.

    You added your payment pointer to your Coil account as part of the account creation process.

  5. The server passes the payment pointer to the extension.
  6. The extension begins streaming payments to the payment pointer.
  1. Sign in to your Coil account, then click Settings.
  2. Select Monetize Content.
    Meta tag

    You do not need your meta tag to monetize your channel.

  3. Under Monetize your channel, click Connect.
  4. Follow the Google OAuth flow and select your YouTube channel.

    choose an account to link to youtube

    allow youtube to connect to account

  5. Verify your channel is linked to your Coil account. If it's linked correctly, you'll see the Remove option.

    remove option shown for youtube channel


You can link multiple channels to your Coil account by clicking + Add another channel; however, you can't link the same channel to multiple Coil accounts.