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Intro to Monetization

What is Web Monetization?

Web Monetization is a proposed open web standard that allows browsers to pay websites. It also allows websites to react to being paid, for example, by turning off ads or providing extra functionality to paying visitors. Payments occur in real time, as content is accessed.

In other words, it allows you to earn revenue for each second a Coil Member is active on your site.

Coil doesn't own Web Monetization, we just use the technology. Visit to learn more.

How does Web Monetization work with Coil?

Coil is a Web Monetization provider. We provide a way for paying Coil Members to access all web monetized content across the internet with a single subscription.

What can be web monetized?

All kinds of things! The only requirement is that your site or the third-party platform you use to host your content allows you to add a meta tag to the site's <head> or otherwise link your account to Coil.

For example, you could:

For an overview of all the ways you can web monetize your content, check out our content monetization overview.

For examples of a few publishers and platforms that are web monetized, go to our Discover page.

How do I become web monetized?

There's a few steps involved in becoming web monetized.

1. Get a wallet

Open an account with an Interledger-enabled wallet. Interledger is the network we use to send payments, so your wallet provider must support Interledger. Uphold and GateHub are the only providers using Interledger at this time. Learn more about our supported wallets in our wallet overview.

2. Find your payment pointer

Your payment pointer is a shareable ID of your wallet account. Our extension uses the payment pointer to determine where to send your payments. Learn more about payment pointers and where to locate them within Uphold and GateHub in our payment pointer overview.

3. Sign up for a free Coil account

As part of signing up for a free Coil account, you'll be asked to enter your payment pointer.

4. Web monetize your content

The steps to web monetize your content depends on how your content is published. Check out what it takes to get your content monetized.

5. Get paid

Learn more about what it takes to withdraw your payments in our withdrawal overview.

Still have questions?

Do I need a Coil Membership?

No. You only need a Coil Membership, which costs $5 USD a month, if you want to support other web monetized sites. Check out our membership overview for more details.

Do I need a free Coil account?

Most likely; however, we strongly encourage you to sign up for one even if you don't need it right away. See Get a Free Creator Account for use cases.

Do I need multiple payment pointers to monetize multiple things?

No, you can use a single payment pointer. As Coil Members access all of your web monetized content, the payments will be delivered into the wallet account associated with the payment pointer.


If you're curious about how much each piece of content is earning, you could set up different wallets with different payment pointers.

Note that multiple payment pointers aren't supported in your Coil Settings. If you link your Coil account to a YouTube channel and/or link your Coil account to Cinnamon, payments are made to the payment pointer in your Settings.