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Coil Creator Workspace

If you have a Coil Creator account, signing in to Coil and accessing your settings takes you directly to your Coil Creators workspace.

To return to your workspace from your account settings or Subscription dashboard, select Publisher Dashboard from the profile menu.

coil creator workspace showing monetization dashboard and opened profile menu

Within the Coil Creators workspace is your Monetization dashboard. This dashboard has three sections:

  • Payout wallet - View and change your wallet provider and payment pointer. Review our Wallet and Payment Pointer overviews for more information.
  • Monetize your website - View and copy your Web Monetization meta tag. Visit our Monetize a Website page for additional details.
  • Monetize YouTube channel - Enable Web Monetization on one or more of your YouTube channels. See Monetize Your YouTube Channel for instructions.

payout wallet details, meta tag, and option to monetize youtube channel within publisher dashboard