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Payment Pointer Overview

When you open an account with a supported digital wallet provider, they assign your account a payment pointer. A payment pointer is an ID for a payment account.

A payment pointer is safe to share with third-parties. In fact, a payment pointer is required for Coil to send you payments. Our extension uses your payment pointer to request a temporary, encrypted payment address from your digital wallet provider. The extension sends the payment address to Coil's servers, then we send payments over Interledger to the address. All Coil knows is that we're sending payments to a specific wallet provider. The wallet provider decrypts the payment address and deposits the payments into your account.

What does a payment pointer look like?

The format of a payment pointer is similar to a URL, but starts with a $. For example:

  • GateHub: $
  • Uphold: $

Payment pointers resolve to HTTPS URLs using simple conversion rules. For example, a payment pointer of $wallet.example/alice is a way to express https://wallet.example/alice.

Where do I put my payment pointer?

It depends on where your content is hosted.

YouTube channels

If your content is hosted on your YouTube channel, your payment pointer must be added to the Payouts section of your Coil Settings.

As part of signing up for a free Coil account, you're required to enter your payment pointer. If you already have a free account, your payment pointer should already be in Payouts.

Check out our Monetize Your YouTube Channel page for more information.


If you're looking to web monetize your Twitch stream, you don't need a payment pointer! We have a special integration with Twitch that allows us to pay Twitch partners and affiliates in Twitch Bits. See our Twitch documentation for details.


If you're using our WordPress plugin, you'll enter your payment pointer into the plugin's settings, under the Global Settings tab.

Your own website

If you host your own website, you'll need to add the Web Monetization meta tag to your site. Part of the meta tag contains your payment pointer.

You'll need:

  • A basic understanding of HTML
  • Access to your site's <head> section

See Monetize a Website for more information.

Third-party platform

Is your content hosted somewhere that's not been mentioned? You might still be able to add Web Monetization to your content. Check out our Third-Party Platforms page for details.


Do I need multiple payment pointers to monetize multiple things? Can I have more than one payment pointer?

You don't need multiple payment pointers to monetize multiple things. As Coil Members access all of your web monetized content, the payments will be delivered into the wallet account associated with the payment pointer.

If you're curious about how much each piece of content is earning, you could set up multiple accounts with your wallet provider, which will give you multiple payment pointers. However, your free Coil account only supports a single payment pointer in your Payouts settings.

I have a new payment pointer. How do I change it in my Coil settings?

You can change your payment pointer in the Payouts section of your Coil Settings.


Changing your payment pointer does not transfer any balance in your existing wallet account to your new wallet account.

Where can I learn more about payment pointers?

Check out