Create Additional Payment Pointers

You can create additional payment pointers by adding more cards to your Uphold account. The steps are the same as when you originally created your wallet with a few additional steps at the end.

You can create a new card through the app or the website from the Anything to Anything panel.

Uphold website dashboard with anything to anything panel
  1. In the app or the website, select the From menu.

    Anything to Anything panel showing from menu

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Interledger.

    Interledger in From account list

  3. Select I agree and Continue.

    I Agree checkbox and Continue button

    The next screen shows your current payment pointer.

    Payment pointer from original account

  4. Select the To menu.

    List of available To accounts

    You'll find a gray arrow next to any currencies already assigned to a card. In the example above, there's an arrow by US Dollar under the National Currencies section.
  5. Select the currency you want your earnings paid out in.
  • Different currency - Select the new currency type.
  • Same currency - Select the arrow to expand the menu, then select Add to a new ... account.

    Add to a new account option shown beneath existing USD account

  1. Select I agree and Continue if the screen appears.
  2. Copy your new payment pointer.

    New payment pointer shown with QR code