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Withdraw from GateHub

Your Coil payments are deposited into your GateHub account as XRP in real time. GateHub allows you to exchange your XRP for another currency before making a withdrawal.

Claim your XRP

Before you can issue an exchange order, you must claim your XRP. The minimum amount you can claim is 1 XRP. Until the minimum amount is reached, the Claim funds button is disabled. When you claim your funds, an XRP deposit is made to your wallet in the corresponding amount.

Issue an exchange order

If you want your funds in a currency other than XRP, you must first issue an exchange order.

  1. Sign in to your Gatehub account.
  2. Select Exchange from the left navigation bar.
  3. If your Interledger wallet isn't selected by default, click the wallet drop-down arrow in the upper-left to select it.
  4. Select your currency exchange pair (e.g., XRP to USD) from the drop-down menus.
  5. Enter the amount to exchange in the You pay field. The You get field automatically displays the amount you'll receive.
  6. Click the Exchange button, then confirm the transaction. When confirmed, the exchange takes place immediately.

The Exchange button is grayed out if your balance isn't high enough to make the exchange. Your balance must be high enough to cover any minimum exchange amounts and fees required by GateHub.

Inactive Exchange button on dashboard

More information can be found in GateHub's help article:

Make a withdrawal

  1. Select the wallet that contains the balance you want to withdraw.
  2. Click Send Payment.

    Send payment button highlighted

  3. Select where you want to send the funds.

    List of send payment options

The remaining steps depend on whether you want to make a traditional bank withdrawal or a cryptocurrency withdrawal. Please refer to GateHub's documentation for the most up-to-date steps and requirements.