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Withdrawal Overview

Although you get paid for each second a Coil Member spends on your web monetized content, there's a few criteria you must meet before you can withdraw your earnings.

Verify your identity#

You must verify your identity with your wallet provider.

GateHub does this as part of the account opening process. Uphold doesn't require you to verify your identity until you're ready to withdraw.


Coil does not receive your bank info, social security number, nor any other sensitive information you share with your wallet provider.

Be aware of withdrawal requirements and costs#

Your wallet provider might require you to reach a certain balance before you can make a withdrawal. Similarly, your provider might have a set min or max you're allowed to withdraw in a single transaction.

Also, your provider might charge you depending the type of account they're sending funds to. You can read more about possible charges on each provider's website.

Finally, consider exchange rates if you want to convert your earnings into a different currency before making a withdrawal.

Set up your "To" account(s)#

When you're ready to withdraw funds from your wallet provider, you'll need to tell them where to make the deposit. The steps to do this will vary depending on your provider and the type of account the funds will be deposited into. If you want to deposit funds into a personal US bank account, for example, it could take your provider a few days to verify the account is yours. If possible, we suggest setting up your "To" account well before you want to make a withdrawal.