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Withdraw from Uphold

View activity#

You can see real-time incoming payment streams in the app and on the website through the Activity screen.

Activity screen showing incoming payment from Interledger

Tap any activity that shows on the screen to see more details.

Claim your funds#

Before your funds can be withdrawn, they must be claimed. You can manually claim funds over $0.02 USD. If you don't claim your available funds, Uphold will automatically do it for you when the conditions listed below are met.

  • Accrued funds of $0.02 USD through $0.99 USD are auto-claimed every 24 hours
  • Accrued funds of $1.00 USD or more are auto-claimed every hour

If you know you've received a payment, but you can't claim it, it could be that:

  • Your balance is less than $0.02 USD and can't be claimed
  • Your balance is at least $0.02 USD, but not enough time has passed for Uphold to auto-claim the payment

When you've received the minimum amount required to make a manual claim, the Claim Funds button becomes active. Remember, if you don't manually claim funds, Uphold will do it for you.

After the funds are claimed, the transaction's status changes to Completed.

Transaction details showing a Completed status

The transaction shows as deposited on the Activity screen.

App's Activity screen showing a deposited transaction

Make a withdrawal#

The steps for making a withdrawal depend on whether you want the funds deposited into a bank account or to a crypto network. Review Uphold's documentation for details: