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Get a GateHub Wallet


Use GateHub to have your Coil earnings paid out in XRP or any other supported currency. Money earned from Coil is sent to GateHub in USD. Then, GateHub converts it to XRP and deposits it into your wallet in real time. You can choose to exchange the XRP for any other currency supported by GateHub.


Check out GateHub's site for a list of supported currencies: Contact GateHub if you need help exchanging XRP for a different currency.

Sign up

  1. Go to and sign up for an account.
  2. Complete GateHub's account verification process.

If you need help, check out their articles:

You can also read their GateHub guide to using Coil.

After your account is verified you can create your wallet on GateHub.

Create your wallet

  1. Sign in to your GateHub account.
  2. Click the wallet drop-down arrow in the upper-left.
  3. Click +Add wallet.
  4. Select Hosted wallet.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Enter a wallet name and click Create. Your wallet is now created.
  7. Click Add Funds.
  8. Select Interledger Payment pointer, then copy your payment pointer. You'll need this when you set up your free Coil account.

    Refresh the page if you don't see the Interledger option.

Add new wallet animation