Q: What platforms does Coil support?
A: Coil includes an extension that works in Google Chrome & Firefox. This allows us to donate to creators websites, their YouTube channels, and Twitch streams. 

Q: If I'm using Coil, will I still see ads?
A: It's up to the creator. Coil isn't an ad blocker, but creators may disable ads for their viewers who support them via Coil. We expect this will be just one of the ways that creators reward their Coil subscribers, in addition to exclusive/early access to high-quality content.

Q: How is Coil different from something like Patreon or Flattr?
A: Patreon allows you to support a few creators with higher amounts of money. This can be great for your favorite creators, but doesn't let you support everyone. Flattr distributes your subscription between the sites you browse, and pays out at the end of the month. Coil, on the other hand, pays out a fixed bandwidth per second that goes to the creator instantly. This means the creator can securely distribute paid content to Coil subscribers.

Q: Can I see the statistics on what sites I've supported?
A: Not right now. The goal of Coil is to give you a better experience online, so you can support the web without having to worry about the exact amounts being sent.

Q: Do I need an invitation to join Coil?
A: Not anymore. Coil is now in open beta which means that anyone can instantly sign up.


Q: How much does it cost me when I'm viewing a Web-Monetized site?
A: Nothing. Coil donates based on usage, but your subscription is always a flat rate per month.

Q: How much does Coil cost?
A: Right now Coil has one plan for $5/month.

Q: Can I pay my subscription in XRP
A: Not yet but we are planning to add this as soon as possible. The reason we haven't done it already is because Coil is a recurring subscription and we don't want users to have to pay manually every month. We are working towards creating a way to do recurring XRP payments using Interledger, so stay tuned!

Q: Do I have to have to pay in order to register my name and publish content on
A: No! Anyone can publish content on Coil that complies with our Terms of Service. You do not need to pay anything in order to post content on The only time you need to pay is if you want to support other creators and access their exclusive content.


Q: What is a payment pointer?
A: Payment pointers are a standardized identifier for accounts that are able to receive payments. In the same way that an email address provides an identifier for a mailbox in the email ecosystem a payment pointer is used by an account holder to share the details of their account with anyone that wishes to make a payment to them. You can learn more about them on

Q: Does Coil use cryptocurrency?
A: All subscriptions to Coil are paid via credit cards. Coil sends payments via the Interledger protocol, which allows any currency to be used for sending and receiving. Cryptocurrencies such as XRP are used as a part of this network, because of their speed and low cost. Creators may be paid out in cryptocurrency or any other kind of asset on Interledger.

Q: Does Coil have an ICO or token?
A: No. Coil uses the open Interledger protocol which is currency-agnostic. Users can pay with credit cards, and creators can receive any currency supported by Interledger.

Q: What kind of data does Coil collect about me?
A: Coil keeps your basic profile information like name and email address. We can see when you're using Coil, but not what content you visit.

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