Your articles on Coil and your creator page are always automatically monetized. This means every subscriber visiting your content will earn you money, no matter if the content is public, subscriber-only or split.

How to test if your external websites are Web-Monetized

  1. Install the Coil Extension Support Platforms & Browsers
  2. In Google Chrome or Firefox navigate to your site's URL. 
  3. If Web Monetization is enabled, the Coil logo will darken and look similar to the following icons:
  • To fully confirm that the content is properly monetized click on the extension icon. At the bottom of the window it will say “This page is Web-Monetized” and the $ will be in a green box. 
  • If the content is not Web-Monetized the text will say “This page is not Web-Monetized” and the $ will be grayed out.

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