In the last couple of days we made some changes under the hood. We heard your feedback and replaced the Javascript that was needed to monetize your site with a nifty lightweight meta tag. The Explore page got a facelift and a couple of new features too. 

  • Post new monetized sites directly from the Explore page 
  • Give your post a custom title 
  • Upvote posts that you like 
  • And report posts, if you feel they are misleading or spam
  • Posts now also show a sweet thumbnail 

We also updated the Firefox and Chrome Extensions to resolve some monetization issues with the new meta tag. 

For all you creators out there:

Please note that only pages using the new meta tag can be added to the Explore Page. You can find the meta tag in your Coil settings under Monetize Content. We will discontinue support for the web monetization script on July 1st, 2019. We are using the Open Graph Protocol og:image tag to display a thumbnail in your posts. If you don’t already have one on your monetized site learn more about OG tags here.

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