How to monetize your YouTube channel with Coil

Note: You need to provide your Payment Pointer to receive money from Coil. If you haven't setup your Payment Pointer, you can do so by following these guides:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to Coil
  2. Go to your Creator Settings
  3. Under Monetize Social - YouTube click on Add your channel 
  4. Follow the Google oauth flow and select your YouTube channel.
  5. Congrats! You've setup your YouTube channels with Monetization via Coil!

How monetization of Youtube channels via Coil works

  • When Coil users look at a YouTube video the extension checks with Coil to see if the video's channel has been Monetized by a Coil user. 
  • If the channel is Monetized Coil provides the channel's registered payment pointer to the extension. The extension then streams donations in to that payment pointer over Interledger.

NOTE: For monetization of your YouTube channel to be active you must be watching a video on the channel. Monetization does not work on the YouTube channel homepage. 

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