We're proud to announce the launch of our monetized content platform for creators. As a creator you can now post public and exclusive content by setting up your creator page on Coil. You will earn money while your content is enjoyed by Coil subscribers. Our website also got a complete overhaul and is now in open beta.

Publish directly on Coil

We added an entire set of publishing features to give Creators more control over their content. Now as a Creator you can write posts and share links to your web-monetized content in one convenient place – your Creator page. 


Create exclusive content

You decide what part of your post is public and what part requires a Coil subscription. 

Receive US dollars

We partnered with Stronghold to offer payouts to creators in US dollars. To learn how to use Stronghold as your payout option check out our step‑by‑step guide in the Coil help center. 

Share your thoughts

Coil is in beta and we strive to make it better every day. Check out our creator page to learn more about the new features and if you like to see new posts about Coil make sure to follow us. You can share your feedback with us via email or through intercom directly on the website. 

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