What is a payment pointer?

You can think of the Payment Pointer as your routing number for streaming payments via Web Monetization. For more details see paymentpointers.org.

Why can't I use my bank account to receive money from Coil?
Current bank accounts don't support the technology that Coil uses to send and receive instant micropayments.

Where can I get a payment pointer? 

  • Stronghold - Provides USD payment pointers. 
  • XRP Tip Bot - Provides XRP payment pointers using social media and your Coil Account login. 
  • GateHub - Provides XRP payment pointers. XRP received can be exchanged for USD, EUR, BTC, or ETH. 

How can I access my money?
Money sent to your payment pointer will accumulate in its corresponding wallet. To access your wallet login to your account on the wallet provider's page.

Can I withdraw my money?
Yes. Depending on the wallet provider there are different ways to withdraw your funds:

  • Stronghold offers withdrawals into your traditional USD bank account.
  • XRP Tip Bot allows  XRP withdrawals.
  • GateHub offers withdrawals into your bank account via SEPA or Wire transfer for USD and EUR. For XRP, BTC, and ETH you can withdraw them over their corresponding networks. 

What does a payment pointer look like?

The format of a payment pointer is similar to a URL, but starts with a $.
Here are some examples for payment pointers:

A Stronghold payment pointer looks like this: $pay.stronghold.co/1b567ec83c151f44fb693fabc3d02ac09bb

To access your Stronghold funds login to your account at Stronghold.

XRP Tip Bot
Depending on what type of account is used to login to XRP Tip Bot the payment pointers differ. XRP Tip Bot supports the following accounts: Coil, Twitter, Reddit, & Discord. 

  • Coil: $coil.xrptipbot.com/4567e516-b3d4-2bc0-b12a-cce435cff827
  • Twitter: $twitter.xrptipbot.com/twitterhandle
  • Reddit: $reddit.xrptipbot.com/redditusername
  • Discord: $discord.xrptipbot.com/159866234789098765

To access the funds associated with your XRP Tip Bot Payment pointer you need to go to XRP Tip Bot and login with the corresponding account. After logging in you will be able to see your funds. 

A GateHub payment pointer looks like this:

To access your GateHub funds login to your account at GateHub.

Where is my payment pointer on coil.com?

To see which payment pointer Coil uses to send you money go to your Settings > Creator Settings > Payment Pointer.

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