Cinnamon videos

For you to post on Cinnamon and receive payments:

You must have a Coil Membership to watch videos on Cinnamon.

Cinnamon uses Coil as their Web Monetization provider. You must sign in to Cinnamon using your Coil account before you can post videos to their service.

Your video posts are automatically monetized, meaning there's no further setup needed on your end. You'll receive payment for each second that a Coil Member watches your videos.

Also, Cinnamon users don't need to install our extension for you to get paid because they're already signed in through us.

The first time you sign in you're asked to authorize Cinnamon's access to certain identifying information, such as your name and payment pointer. As Coil members watch your videos, Cinnamon tells us which wallet to pay into and how much. You can revoke Cinnamon's access at any time through your account's App settings.

See Cinnamon's FAQ for more information.