Other videos

When you monetize a video, you're actually monetizing the page that the video is embedded in. This is true even for videos that belong to a monetized YouTube channel or are hosted on Cinnamon.

We offer special integrations with YouTube and Cinnamon, so they're treated a bit differently. These integrations allow you to receive payments from Coil Members as they watch your videos through the YouTube and Cinnamon websites. Videos on other hosting platforms must be embedded in a Coil article.

Monetize via a Coil article post

To receive payment for videos that aren't on Cinnamon or a monetized YouTube channel, the video must be embedded into a Coil article.

You can't upload videos to coil.com. You can only embed videos that are hosted on a service supported by Embedly, such as Vimeo.

Remember, it's the article's page that's monetized, not the video itself. Coil articles are always automatically monetized. There's no additional setup needed.

  1. Click + New Post and select Article.

  2. In the body text, click the (+) menu.

  3. Select the video embed option, NOT the URL link option.

    ‚Äč The URL link option will open your video in a new window. If a member clicks your video and leaves Coil, the Coil extension will stop paying.

  4. Paste the URL of your video into the input field and press Enter.

To make your video available to Coil Members only, embed the video in a private post or the private section of a split post. Then, if your video host allows it, set your video's privacy setting to unlisted.

Vimeo users can check out their help doc.

Monetize via a Coil link post

Link posts require the page you link to be web monetized. As far as videos go, this means you can only link to a Cinnamon video, a video on YouTube that belongs to a monetized channel, or a personal monetized webpage that the video is embedded in.

  1. Click + New Post and select Link.

  2. Add a title and URL, then click Post.

If you try to post a link to a video hosted on Vimeo, for example, you'll receive an error that the page is not web monetized. The error says to make sure the page includes a <meta> tag, but you can't add the tag unless you have developer access to the page's HTML.

If your video is on a page on your personal website and you do have access to the HTML, you can add the<meta> tag yourself. Once that's added, you can post the link to Coil.