Twitch stream

If you're a streamer with a Twitch Partner or Affiliate account, you don't need a Coil account. Twitch streams automatically support Web Monetization. There's no additional setup required!

For you to receive payments, your viewer must be a Coil Member and must use the Coil Extension. Without the extension running, we won't know to pay you.

Payments aren't delivered in real time. As Coil Members watch your stream, we hold on to your payments until your balance is high enough to purchase Twitch Bits. This means it could take more than 24 hours for the payment to be delivered.

The Coil Twitch Bot performs periodic checks of all accrued Twitch streamer balances. When your balance is high enough, the bot purchases Bits and deposits them into your partner/affiliate account.

The bot will post to your chat each time a deposit is made.

If you know Coil Members are watching your streams but you haven't received a payment, it could be that:

  • Your accrued balance isn't high enough, so the bot can't purchase Bits.

  • The bot hasn't checked your accrued balance yet.

  • You don't have a Twitch partner or affiliate account. In this case, the Coil Extension will show that you aren't monetized.