YouTube channels

When you link your YouTube channel to Coil, you'll receive payments from Coil Members as they watch your videos through YouTube. What's actually monetized is each video's YouTube page, not the video itself. And since we're handling the monetization, you don't need a <meta> tag!

If you don't link your channel you can still embed YouTube videos into articles. Coil articles are automatically monetized so there's no configuration needed on your part. You'll be paid for every second a Coil Member watches any videos embedded in your article.

Monetization does not work on your channel's home page. Also, members must be actively viewing a video for us to continue streaming payments.

Monetize your YouTube channel

Monetizing your channel through Coil is separate from YouTube's partner program. Monetizing your channel through us means you'll receive payments specifically when Coil Members watch your videos. You can still link your channel to us if you're part of YouTube's partner program.

For you to receive payments:

  1. Log in to your Coil account.

  2. Click your profile icon and select Settings.

  3. Select Monetize content.

  4. Under Monetize your channel, click Connect.

  5. Follow the Google OAuth flow and select your YouTube channel.

  6. Verify your account is linked in your settings. If it's linked correctly, you'll see the Remove option. Now you'll receive payments when Coil Members view your channel's videos directly from YouTube.

You can link multiple channels to your Coil account by clicking + Add another channel; however, you can't link the same channel to multiple Coil accounts.

Share your videos

Embed a video in a Coil article

Your articles on Coil are always automatically monetized. This means every member visiting your content will earn you money, no matter if the content is public, private (members only), or split. When you embed a video in an article you're paid for the time the member spends on the article.

To make your video available to Coil Members only, embed the video in a private post or the private section of a split post. Then, set your video's privacy setting to unlisted.

If a member clicks your video and begins watching through YouTube's site, the payment stream will stop unless your channel is linked to Coil.

  1. Click + New Post and select Article.

  2. In the body text, click the (+) menu.

  3. Select the video embed option, not the URL link option.

  4. Paste the URL of your video into the input field and press Enter.

You must have a monetized YouTube channel to share your videos as links. This means your YouTube channel must be linked to your Coil account. You'll receive an error if your channel isn't monetized or is monetized incorrectly.

  1. Click + New Post and select Link.

  2. Enter a title for the link.

  3. Paste the URL of the video in the field and click Post.

Coil only supports long-form links.

Supported (long form): Unsupported (short form):



Do I need a Coil account to monetize my YouTube channel?

Yes, you'll need a free creator account. Your Coil account is where you enter your payment pointer. Without a payment pointer, we won't know where to send your payments.

Payment pointer

Where do I put my payment pointer?

Your payment pointer is only needed in your Coil account. It's not added to YouTube.

Coils asks for your payment pointer when you set up your creator account. To access your wallet and payment pointer details in your account:

  1. Click your profile icon and select Settings.

  2. Select Payouts.

  3. Click Change if you need to change your wallet provider or your payment pointer.

Meta tag

Where do I put my meta tag?

Nowhere! When you link your channel to us, we take care of all the work.


I'm getting the error, "This YouTube video is not Coil-enabled." Why?

The YouTube channel that the video belongs to isn't linked to your Coil account.

I'm getting the error, "This page is not web-monetized. Make sure it includes a tag with a 'name' of 'monetization'." Why?

Make sure you're not trying to link to your channel's home page. Linking to the home page is unsupported.

I'm having trouble linking my account.

Make sure your browser isn't blocking all cookies. You must allow cookies to link your YouTube account to Coil.

If you're using the Brave browser, disable the Shields feature and try again. Shields blocks cookies so you'll need to disable it long enough to link your account. Shields might also be the issue if you're receiving a Google auth failed to initialize error.