Coil overview

How does Coil work?

To understand Coil you need to know a little about Web Monetization. ‌In a nutshell, Web Monetization is an open technology that allows someone viewing a webpage to stream very small payments (micropayments) to the page's creator in real time.

Coil doesn't own Web Monetization, we just use it. You can learn more about the technology on

For you to stream payments to a creator, you must become a Coil Member and install our extension. Your membership fee goes toward paying the creators you visit. Our extension finds the creator's payment address and streams payments on your behalf for as long as you are active on the page.

As a creator, how to go about monetizing your content depends on the type of content you're working with. First, you'll need an account with a supported digital wallet provider to monetize everything except a Twitch stream (see why). The wallet provider assigns you a payment address, called a payment pointer. Without a payment pointer, we won't know where to send your payments.

The second step for most creators is to sign up for a free Coil creator account. As part of signing up, you're asked for the payment pointer your wallet provider gave you. You don't need multiple payment pointers to monetize multiple things.

What do you want to do?

Do you need a free Coil creator account?

Create and post monetized articles to our Blogs page


Post links to monetized webpages on our Blogs page


Post videos to Cinnamon


Monetize your YouTube channel


Monetize videos that aren't hosted on Cinnamon or YouTube


Monetize your Twitch stream


Monetize your personal website


You don't need a Coil creator account to monetize your personal site unless you want to post links to your site on Coil's Blogs page.

Now you're prepared to monetize your content.

So why get a membership?

Other than the warm-fuzzies Coil Members get from supporting content creators, the creators can offer premium experiences. Perhaps they'll provide access to exclusive content. Or maybe they'll disable ads. The experience is up to the creator.

How is this different from other membership services, like Patreon or Flattr?

Other membership services often operate independently from one another and require the person sending a payment and the creator receiving the payment to have accounts on the same service. With Coil, we'll stream payments from our members to any web monetized sites they visit.

With services like Patreon, you support a few creators with higher amounts of money. This can be great for your favorite creators, but doesn't let you support everyone.

Services such as Flattr distribute payments between the sites you browse and pay out at the end of the month. Coil instantly pays creators a fixed amount for every second you actively view a page. This means the creator can offer you a premium experience in real time.

Do I need a Coil Membership to monetize content?

No. Coil Memberships are strictly for sending payments to creators. However, creators might need a free Coil creator account depending on what it is they want to monetize.