Coil Blogs

Coil's Blogs page lists posts made by Coil creators. A post can be an article on Coil's blogging platform or a link to a monetized webpage.

If you're a creator and are interested in creating an article or posting a link, see Coil articles and links.

Posts are organized by featured, trending, top, and new.

Featured posts

Featured posts are hand-picked by Coil based on quality, engagement, and original nature of the content. We typically update the featured posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


As you follow Coil creators, their posts appear under the Following section. There's a Follow option on each creator's profile page and within their articles.

The Following section doesn't appear unless you've signed in to your Coil account. You need a free Coil creator account or a Coil Membership to follow other users.


Trending shows the most popular posts of the day. We calculate based on the number of upvotes weighted by date/time. You must be a Coil Member to upvote posts.


Top shows the most upvoted posts within the last week. You must be a Coil Member to upvote posts.

If multiple posts have the same number of upvotes, the posts are ordered by date from oldest to newest.


All posts are added to the New section. Posts are listed by date from newest to oldest.


The YouTube channel that the video belongs to isn't linked to your Coil account.

Make sure you're not trying to link to your channel's home page. Linking to the home page is unsupported. Link to a specific video instead.

The page you link to must be web monetized. This means you must monetize your YouTube channel or personal website before posting a link. Be aware that some sites, such as Vimeo, don't allow you to add the Web Monetization tag to your pages. Content on Cinnamon is automatically monetized.