Coil Extension

Only Coil Members need to install the extension.

Supported browsers

The Coil Extension is available for the following browsers. If you use private windows, you might have to give the extension explicit permission to access your online activities while browsing.

Chrome and Brave for desktop

Edge for desktop

Firefox for desktop and Android Firefox for mobile

Puma for iOS and Android Mobile

The Coil Extension is built into the Puma Browser.



Puma Browser: Fast and Private - Apps on Google Play
Puma Browser is a fast and privacy focused mobile web browser with access to new premium content network and a new way to support creators directly. The ad-driven business model turned the web into a vicious, snooping, clickbait-driven distraction machine. We'd like to deliver better incentives for high-quality content creators and offer users a premium, private, and distraction-free browsing experience. Better search options to choose from: • (default) DuckDuckGo – Privacy, simplified. DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers' privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results. • Ecosia – plant trees while you search the web! On average you need around 45 searches to plant a tree so search on! • Wikipedia – free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. • Twitter – arguably the most useful social network according to our CEO :shrug: • Good ol' Googz if you like it. Thanks to partnership with you can now support the publications and creators directly when they are using Web Monetization. What you get as a member? • Access to all web monetized content everywhere on the internet with strong privacy protection. • Access all exclusive content on Coil Explore. • No tracking. Your privacy is our top priority. • Access the entire video library on • Play games on in distraction free mode. • Support Twitch streamers while you watch their streams. • Support creators that have Web Monetization enabled content. Tweet at @PumaBrowser or email if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you! Puma Browser Team

How it works

The extension checks if a page is web monetized by looking for the Web Monetization <meta> tag. If the page has the meta tag, the extension tells Coil to start paying over Interledger to the payment address in the tag.

As long as you're active on the page, the extension will continue streaming payments. The extension will stop paying if you leave the page, background the page, or are inactive on the page for long enough.


My Coil extension isn't working. Content on isn't unlocking and/or videos on Cinnamon fail to play. Help!

For Coil issues only, try logging out of your account and then back in.

For Coil and Cinnamon issues, try logging out of Cinnamon, then log back in to Cinnamon using your Coil account. If that doesn’t work, try installing the Coil extension. If you still can’t access content, try opening a private tab, then log in to Cinnamon with your Coil account.