Coil posts

Post types

Coil supports two types of posts: articles and links. Article posts are hosted on Coil's blogging platform. Link posts let creators promote web monetized pages that are hosted outside of Coil.

You must have a free creator account to post articles and links to Coil. You must have a Coil Membership to upvote posts.

On our desktop site's Blogs page, you can tell the difference between an article and a link based on the URL. Articles are on

On our mobile Blogs page, the post type is indicated by an icon in the lower-right corner.

Article posts

Creators can make their articles public, for members only, or a combination of the two. You're free to view all public content, but you'll need a Coil Membership to view members-only content. If you're a Coil Member, the creator gets paid for the time you actively spend on an article, even public ones!

Simply select an article to view it. From within the article you can:

  • Access the creator's profile by clicking their profile image or username.

  • Follow the creator (requires a free creator account or a Coil Membership).

  • Upvote the article (requires a Coil Membership).

  • Share the article to Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

  • Flag the article for inappropriate content, broken links, spam, and so on.

Flag a post

You can report inappropriate content, broken links, spam, and so on by flagging a post. Flagging a post sends us an email with the details.


On the Blogs page, hover your mouse over the post. Click the Flag icon that appears on the far-right side.

The Flag icon also appears within each article.


Tap the ⚈ ⚈ ⚈ in the upper-right of the post then tap Flag.


Payments and fees

Are creators on Coil paid more if I upvote their articles?

No, upvotes don't pay out. They only help update our Blogs page.


Can creators track what I read?

No. Creators can't track anything about you specifically. All they can see is that there's a payment stream to their digital wallet.

Can Coil track what I read?

No. We can see when you're using Coil, but not what content you view.